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What To Expect...

It is important to appreciate that Meditation, Reiki Healing & Crystal Healing are very personal practices and your journey with any of these practices will be unique to you and not necessarily comparable to another person's experience. Likewise, with any practice, no two sessions will give the same experience to the same person, as each experience will be unique to the needs & influences of the present moment. All  practices are non-religious, spiritual practices i.e. relate to our connection with the inner self.

General After-Care Advice After A Session…

Most of the time a person will feel relaxed and uplifted after a treatment. However, on occasion as the body balances itself following a treatment it may cleanse toxins from the system that may physically manifest as headaches or other similar temporary symptoms after the treatment. If this happens, it is a good idea to drink more water, eat lighter meals and get more rest as the body works to restore its inner balance. Any discomfort should be temporary, and should soon be followed by a sense of harmony and wellbeing. 

Please Note...

All treatments are gentle yet powerful complementary therapies which aim to treat a person holistically. They may be used with confidence alongside conventional medical healthcare. However, they are not a replacement for qualified medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should therefore always consult a GP first should you have any concerns about your health. You are asked to take full responsibility for your health & wellbeing and to always seek professional medical guidance if you are in any doubt or are suffering from any physical or mental illness.

HOLISTIC Therapies offered...